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Preparing for Another Occultation

Well, the time has come for our NASA delegation to head out on another occultation expedition. We are travelling back to the African continent, but not South Africa. This time, we are off to Senegal, located on Africa’s western coast. Even though Senegal is closer to home than South Africa, the trip is going to take longer, mostly because I have two stops each way.  But our telescopes are packed, the predictions are looking good, and everyone on the team is psyched up to go.
We will be observing the same object as the one in South Africa, minor planet 2014 MU69to gain a better understanding of the object.  Is it one object or two or more? Is it double lobed? Does it have rings? Is it surrounded by a debris field?  These are a few examples of questions NASA likes to have answered before sending a $700 Million spacecraft into the unknown. Let’s all just hope for clear skies!

Posted 07-24-2018 10:13 AM by Rose Smith


Bill Dean wrote re: Preparing for Another Occultation
on 07-24-2018 12:56 PM

Safe travels and clear skies!


Charles12 wrote re: Preparing for Another Occultation
on 08-21-2018 1:32 PM

Have a great trip! Enjoy


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