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AIC 2012 Wrap Up
Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

The Advanced Imaging Conference in San Jose is over and all my friends and myself are on our way back home. What a great weekend!

At our booth we had a Paramount ME II and MX on display, both on our Pyramid portable piers. At Friday night’s founding sponsors update, I had the pleasure and privilege of announcing the availability of the new features in our Camera Add On. The next day we were really busy at our booth with questions and people wanting to see the new autoguiding and focus screens in the Camera Add On. CCDSoft has lain fallow for a while now and we have been promising the successor for some time. Well, the sleeping bear is awake and the first release is just the tip of the iceberg for what we plan to release in the next year. Oh, and did I mention this all works on a Mac? We now have a nearly complete pipeline for imaging available for Mac users (we still need stacking… coming soon), and they DON’T have to do it in a little VM window!

X2 is taking root too, and I attempted to explain at the conference our rationale and goals of cross platform functionality, which ASCOM simply doesn’t afford us. Windows, Mac, iOS, and yes more than that is cooking in the Bisque labs. I think we about have critical mass on X2 support and we are going to see the scales start to tip. We have excellent cross platform support now for QSI and SBIG cameras, and Canon DSLR’s. I’m now polishing up both the Windows and Mac versions of the Orion Star Shoot auto guider, and I’m bringing home a Starlight Xpress Loadstar… it’s next. Many of these I’m writing on my own time because I have the hardware and want to use them myself, and my next project will be a RoboFocus X2 driver so I can use @Focus2 on my Mac natively. All the scripting support is under the covers and ready to go. This is an EXCITING time to be an imager in the Software Bisque Family, especially if you’re a Mac! Of course, the X2 to ASCOM bridge works just fine, so on Windows there is already a plethora of device support already done for our new guiding, focus, and capture a series functionality even without X2.

Momentum is building… and my adrenaline is pumping!

Next stop for me is the Chiefland star party (Steve and Tom Bisque are headed to the Arizona Science & Astronomy Expo mid-November). I’ll be showing how the new camera add on functionality works, and demonstrating it live as I image with it on the field with two Paramounts. See you there!



Posted 10-29-2012 3:25 PM by Daniel R. Bisque


astro wrote re: AIC 2012 Wrap Up
on 11-05-2012 2:20 AM

It was nice finally meeting both you and Steve at the AIC Richard. Putting a face to a name is always a pleasant experience.


PS - have you fixed the southern hemisphere virtual telescope yet :-)))

(just kidding)

Richard Wright wrote re: AIC 2012 Wrap Up
on 11-26-2012 7:43 AM

Southern hemisphere virtual scope fixed.... let the rejoicing begin! Watch for it in the next daily build.


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