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May 2016 - Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog
  • New Scripting Hotness

    There is a whole bucket of goodness in the new 10.5 update of TheSkyX, and the latest daily build has a new feature that is near and dear to my heart. It's something I've been wanting in TheSkyX myself for quite a while, and a customer came up...
  • Oh... Canada!

    I'm writing this blog from a Starbucks not TOO far from my mother-in-law's house in Louisville, KY were I will likely be stranded for a few days. I'm limping back from the Canadian Astrophotography School and AstroCATS expo that took place...
  • Time to Stay Home Awhile!

    I'm back from the Texas Star Party, and have not quite caught my breath. The weather was really great this year, and my only regret was I was shooting a little over sampled for the seeing. Still... everything looks great on an iPhone, or shrunk down...
  • Live from Ft. Davis!

    The Texas Star Party is now in full swing, and I'm here for Software Bisque on the north field. This is the first year they've made an allowance for the vendors who are "demonstrating" as opposed to "selling stuff", and I'm...


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