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Live from Ft. Davis!
Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

The Texas Star Party is now in full swing, and I'm here for Software Bisque on the north field. This is the first year they've made an allowance for the vendors who are "demonstrating" as opposed to "selling stuff", and I'm joined by friends from Celestron, Sky-Watcher USA, AstroFactors, and Explore Scientific. Meade is also supposed to show up for a few days this week.

This is my first star party in a little while, and it's also my first TSP. Last night was a glorious (if not COLD!) night, such skies they have here! The people here are hard core too. There are some star parties that seem to die around midnight with one or two die hards hanging out till dawn. I confess, I lost my drive about 4:30 a.m., but there were people all over the place still going strong, observing, imaging, and talking. This star party has quite the night life!

Only one full day in, and I've met many Paramount and TheSky owners, and I think a few future Paramount owners!<vbg>. There was an old Paramount ME, and two MX's on the north field, and I know of four Paramount MYT's on the lower south field. I've not yet explored the entire Prude Ranch, but I'll be surprised if I don't encounter some other Bisque customers and friends while I'm here this week.

The Milky Way is glorious here! A friend with a sky meter got SQM readings of 21.8... do you need an engraved invitation or what?!?! Below is a quickie shot I did of the Milky Way in the early a.m. while imaging with the Paramount MYT and a Sky-Watcher Esprit 150 on loan from them. The transparency was phenomenal.

I am rested, fed, and on my way back to the field now. No AT&T by the way, and although they have WiFi, it's a bit spotty, so it's pretty cut off from the outside world.... but that's not necessarily a bad thing either.


Posted 05-03-2016 4:07 PM by Richard Wright


Roystarman wrote re: Live from Ft. Davis!
on 05-09-2016 10:19 AM

Yes it was winter in May. The night temperatures were into the upper twenties one night with some frost (a rarity in west Texas).  Richard was a good ambassador for Software Bisque and helped some new owners. I am sure there were a lot of great images taken. I have yet to start the process of calbrating and processing, too many good nights to waste time on these things.

Richard Wright wrote re: Live from Ft. Davis!
on 05-24-2016 7:56 AM

It was great to see you again too Roy.


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