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Counting Down to Texas!
Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

My second trip to the Texas Star Party, and my last event for the summer until the eclipse, is just a few days away! This year I'm going to bite the bullet and drive instead of fly. It adds a whole extra day coming from Florida, but even flying consumes an entire day, and still considerable driving from El Paso. By the time I ship gear, etc, it's actually cheaper to drive anyway plus I won't have to borrow a chair and table this year!

The arsenal and plan is ready and made. I'm bringing the Paramount MYT, and two imaging systems. The first night I will shoot wide field DSLR with my auto-focus setup made by Starlight Instruments. A few weeks later this year than last, there's a good handful of targets perfect for this setup available by midnight. Rho Ophiuchi is top priority. The rest of the week I'm going to show what a big 6" refractor can do on a Paramount MYT unguided. I almost went small to make things easier, but then decided hey, I'm there to show off, right? People are amazed the MYT can carry this scope... we called it the "Mighty" for a reason! Barring any flat tires or alien invasions, I should be on the North Field by Tuesday night. Most of the vendors setup together there, and I know my friends from Celestron, Sky-Watcher USA, Explore Scientific and Astro-Factors will be there too. Stop by and say hello, or come get me in the middle of the night if you have a Paramount or SkyX question or problem. I will also have a thumb drive with all the latest daily builds... star party bonus swag!

I will also be imaging with some software very few people have seen before. It's TheSkyX Professional under the covers, but it's a new minimalist front end designed to streamline the imaging workflow, and to work well on small screens, such as a tablet. I will be running it on the Rasbperry Pi, and controlling it from my iPad (this also works on Android!). It's great that we have TheSkyX Professional on the Raspberry Pi, and a lot of people are very excited about that... but THIS is WHY that project happened, and a public technology preview will be available very soon. There's some exciting new stuff that has been gestating in this project as well, such as:

  • A brand new (pretty) screen stretch
  • Support for color previews with color cameras
  • @focus3 - a revolution in itself
  • A new Take Series interface that includes focus and unguided dithering complete with meridian flips

Come on down to Texas to check it out and get a first look!


Posted 05-18-2017 7:32 AM by Richard Wright


Wes Chilton wrote re: Counting Down to Texas!
on 05-18-2017 12:06 PM

I'm really excited to hear how all this goes Richard! Have a great time... I wish I could be there!


Sal G wrote re: Counting Down to Texas!
on 05-21-2017 1:10 PM

Hey Richard, sounds exciting.  When can we expect these new features?  Will they just be updates to SKYX or will they be additional upgrade purchases?

Richard Wright wrote re: Counting Down to Texas!
on 06-07-2017 7:37 AM

The "New Tech" will migrate into the mainstream version. The "Workbench" or Lite version... TBD, but it will be available as a tech preview soon.


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