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Astrophotography Webinar
Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

I've been an amateur astronomer since childhood, and for years even after I starting working here at Software Bisque, I would say "Oh, I'm a visual guy...", to deflect any expectations about my astrophotography skills. About 20 years ago though (well before I came to work here), I started taking photos of the moon through an 8" Meade Newtonian... film camera, fast exposures, surely I could manage that, right? It's been a slippery slope since then, but I have definitely become an "imager" now, although I still for reasons I won't go on about here prefer the term "Astrophotographer" .

I am also a writer, having written for journals and magazines for years, and even have worked on a few books that did well for me. On my astrophotography journey in the last few years I've been writing for Astronomy Technology Today, Amateur Astronomy Magazine, and lately Sky & Telescope, and it's been gratifying to be invited to speak at events like NEAIC, AIC, and various star parties, not just as a Bisque representative, but also as an experienced Astrophotographer/Imager. Throw in a little time in front of students in a class room, and I'm at least not nervous about speaking publicly. These are things that can only help my career here at Bisque, and as an Astrophotographer at large, as I do have a certain predilection towards teaching. Who knows, there may even be a book on this topic one day<g>.

Meanwhile, after asking Steve Bisque if it was okay for me to post a shameless plug, here it is! I'm hosting a live Sky & Telescope webinar on Wednesday August 2nd on Deep Sky Astrophotography. It's on "First Principles", and I will be covering a lot of fundamentals about the topic that I had to discover the hard way on my own journey. Click on the image, or here to learn more. Many times when learning a new skill, we have false assumptions that get in the way of our understanding. So too, even after some experience, some things we had assumed were true early, are actually holding us back from further improvement. Don't get stuck in your ways!

If this one is successful, I already have a followup planned, "Deep-Sky Astrophotography: Best Practices". It's only an hour after all and you can only squeeze so much in! Further, if you miss the webinar, you can also stream the recording afterward.

If I were still working in simulation, I'd like to think by now I'd have bought a Paramount MYT for myself, but the truth is, I owe 90% or more of my success as an astrophotographer to the fact that I work here. I have three company cars (Paramounts), and an assortment of devices I have to support... which means I "have" to use them<vbg>. I've made my own investments in optics (mostly), but still... I am standing on the shoulders of the Tom, Steve, Matt and Daniel. For that I'm grateful... and I'm also having a rocking good time ;-)





Posted 07-29-2017 9:54 AM by Richard Wright


Barry Schellenberg wrote re: Astrophotography Webinar
on 07-29-2017 10:45 AM

Great point about assumptions Richard. I would also add, don't get fooled by others assumptions either. It's important to complete balanced research.

You have been and continue to be a great inspiration to our small community. Thank you for continuing to challenge our assumptions and also for all the time you spend with your education outreach.

Best of luck with the webinar.


Stargazer314 wrote re: Astrophotography Webinar
on 07-31-2017 1:13 PM

Only three Richard? You haven't talked them out of a Taurus yet?

Get busy!


Bill R.

Richard Wright wrote re: Astrophotography Webinar
on 08-01-2017 8:36 AM

Ah Bill, thanks for the idea. A Taurus 400 would fit nicely in my SkyPod... but... it would look silly with just a 10" RC on it ;-)

Wes Chilton wrote re: Astrophotography Webinar
on 08-03-2017 3:06 PM

I guess its time to get a Planewave then! ;)

Richard Wright wrote re: Astrophotography Webinar
on 08-08-2017 7:38 AM

Wes... it would have to be an Officina... oh yeah. Once you taste that good Italian wine... ;-)

Tom Chitty wrote re: Astrophotography Webinar
on 08-15-2017 11:50 AM


I am having trouble locating the video link of the webinar. I was unable to attend live, and would really like to view it.


Richard Wright wrote re: Astrophotography Webinar
on 08-16-2017 12:03 PM


Click the image in the blog, it should take you right to it.



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