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Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

No rest for the weary! I/we have three major events coming up, and so I wanted to bring them all up here as a reminder post.

First, in just a few days, I'll be doing a followup webinar for Sky & Telescope on Deep Sky Astrophotography. My first webinar has proven to be reasonably popular, so we are doing another one that continues on the foundations of "First Principles", which I'm calling "Best Practices". This webinar is not geared for people who like to fool with their gear all night, but want to get good data and images. It's a bit general, and will apply to whatever gear your using for your work.

The Chiefland Astrofest (Star Party) starts next weekend. There is usually a good sized star party in Chiefland FL this time of year, and it has changed hands a couple of times. Still, there's a group of imagers there, and it's not too far from home, so I'll be heading up Wednesday to spend half the week there. I'll be speaking Thursday morning on the topic of TheSky LTI and portable/mobile imaging. I'll have my own Paramount MYT there running with the Raspberry Pi and imaging with LTI exclusively so come and check it out! There is also an astrophotography contest... muhahaha <g>. Let's just hope this FL weather imposed imaging embargo lifts by then!

Finally, next month on November 11th, Software Bisque (and me!) will be returning to GMARS (Goat Mountain Astronomical Research Station)! I've visited a couple of times already, and the last time we gave a Paramount Workshop there it was well attended. This time the event is sponsored by Woodland Hills (and it's not free... just FYI), and it's just one day. Never-the-less, there will be Paramount and TheSkyX tutorials and workshops all day, and probably some imaging that night weather permitting. More information and details at this link! Myself, Sarah Bisque, and our newly minted staff astrophysicist, R.J. Smith will be there. (FYI, people have been asking, and no I'm sorry we are not bringing parts, etc. for on site repairs).

See you there!



Posted 10-07-2017 9:31 AM by Richard Wright


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