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  • Preparing for Another Occultation

    Well, the time has come for our NASA delegation to head out on another occultation expedition. We are travelling back to the African continent, but not South Africa. This time, we are off to Senegal, located on Africa’s western coast. Even though Senegal is closer to home than South Africa, the...
    Posted to Rose's Blog by Rose Smith on 07-24-2018
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  • The Whole Story... Minus the Results

    Well here goes the whole crazy story of this trip. It started out with an awfully long flight to Frankfurt, however since we had a twelve hour layover, I decided to check out the town and do some exploring. After a few hours, I headed back to the hotel we rented day room from the get some rest. Then...
    Posted to Rose's Blog by Rose Smith on 06-11-2017
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  • Back Home From South Africa

    Well, I arrived back in the US yesterday after 24 hours in the air. And today I am back at work at Software Bisque. The trip went quite well, however I can not say overall if the project was a success or not, as at this time the data has not been analyzed, and NASA wants to put out the official press...
    Posted to Rose's Blog by Rose Smith on 06-08-2017
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  • Observations Completed, and also a Leopard

    This morning went quite well! Despite the forecast predicting clouds, the sky at my site was totally clear. However, it was quite windy, so we held up a tarp to protect the telescope and keep it stable. My team got the data, and it sounds like other teams had success, too. After our observing run, and...
    Posted to Rose's Blog by Rose Smith on 06-03-2017
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  • Trial Night and Some Photos

    Well tonight was a success and a failure. My partner and I were able to get setup and tracking on the sky at our chosen site, but then the clouds rolled in and ruined everything. Luckily last night was only the practice run. Hopefully tonight is much clearer. We did chance onto a wonderful site. There...
    Posted to Rose's Blog by Rose Smith on 06-01-2017
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  • First Day in South Africa

    Well today I arrived in South Africa. Most of today was spent working on logistics, picking up cars, checking into hotels, and picking up telescopes. The best part was getting to practice setting up the telescopes. We had about 10 big portable scopes in a field and helped each other set them up and get...
    Posted to Rose's Blog by Rose Smith on 05-29-2017
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  • Introducing Myself

    Well here goes my first blog post. I recently joined Software Bisque as a Systems Engineer and the Staff Astrophysicist. I also work at Sommers-Baush Observatory at The University of Colorado Boulder as the "Systems Overlord", which is a fun way of saying I manage the telescopes, which include...
    Posted to Rose's Blog by Rose Smith on 05-25-2017
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