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Matthew L. Bisque Posted: 04-11-2006 12:33 PM | Locked

Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article - 1214



I've filled out the Register and Join our Community form on the Software Bisque Web Site , accepted the services agreement, and then clicked the Create User button. After doing so, I never received the automated email that contains my user name and password. Why?


I cannot sign in to the Software Bisque Support Corner.


I receive an "access is denied" message when attempting to sign in.



There are many  possible reasons why you may not be able to sign on to the Software Bisque Web Site.

Reason 1
I'm trying to sign in using Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.

Solution 1
See SBKB 1231 for details.

Reason 2
The automated email that contains your sign in information may not be sent to you instantaneously. 

Solution 2
Wait at least 30 minutes after clicking the Create User button to receive your email. In most cases, the email delivery time is much shorter (about 5 minutes).

Reason 3
You are entering the wrong sign in name and/or password on the Sign In page.

Solution 3
This is a very common cause for SBSC sign in failure. Please double (and triple) check your sign in name and password. Remember, the password is case sensitive. You must type the exact password, without any errors or omissions.

Reason 4
The email from Software Bisque has been quarantined by anti-spam software on your computer.

Solution 4
Check your "anti-spam" quarantine folder to make sure that the email from Software Bisque has not been "removed" from your in box. Or, configure your anti-spam software to add the domain as a "trusted source", or add it to your "friend's list".

Reason 5
Your email provider requires email senders to fill out a separate form before you can receive email messages from the sender. (Earthlink, and other email providers, use this method.)

Solution 5
Configure your email account so that you can receive emails from Although Software Bisque tries to fill out the separate form, the process often fails, so that all Software Bisque emails to you are rejected.

Reason 6
You have not actually joined the Software Bisque Support Corner. (There was a problem or other error during the sign in process).

Solution 6
To verify whether or not you've actually joined the Software Bisque Support Corner:

  1. Go to the Software Bisque Web Site and click the Join link.
  2. Fill out all of the entries on the Register and Join our Community page.
  3. Click Create User.

If you see an error message stating A user with this email address already exists it means there is already an account with the email address you've entered.

To recover your forgotten sign-in name (or alias or user name) or password,

  1. Click the Sign In link.
  2. On the Sign In page, click I Forgot My Password link.
  3. On the Recover Password page, enter your email address (the same one you entered above), and then click the Recover Password button. Note that all of the above reasons still apply for receiving an email with your sign-in name and password.

Reason 7
You've visited the Recover Password page, entered your email address, and then clicked the Recover Password button, but have not joined the SBSC.

Solution 7
If you do not already have an account on the SBSC, and attempt to recover your sign in name or password, you will not receive an email. In this case, please Join the SBSC to proceed.

Reason 8
Cookies are not enabled.

Solution 8
See the First Time Users page for details on how to enable cookies.

Reason 9
Multiple browser windows are open on your computer, and the sign in information cannot be updated properly due to caching.

Solution 9

  1. Exit all browsers.
  2. Restart a single browser window and try signing in again.


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