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TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer Edition User...
Revision 6.4 This document is the latest revision of TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer...
03-07-2019 27,188 9
TPoint Add On User Guide
Revision 1.66 TheSkyX Professional Edition and Serious Astronomer Edition TPoint Add On User Guide...
04-27-2018 11,555 17
Paramount User Guide (GEM Models)
The Paramount German equatorial mount User Guide. Revision 2.7 This document describes how to control...
11-07-2017 11,152 0
Ascom2XMount Adaptor Installer
Version 6.1 Installs the ASCOM-to-TheSkyX mount adaptor (read as: ASCOM to X mount adaptor ). Please...
12-01-2015 8,863 0
Paramount ME User Guide
Paramount ME User Guide Revision 1.79. Revision Notes 1.79 Revised the Quick Polar Alignment Procedure...
09-14-2012 6,048 19
MKS 4000 USB Driver Installer
Download and run this setup application to install the latest MKS 4000 USB drivers. The MKS 4000...
05-09-2018 4,932 6
Link to the Paramount User Guide (GEM Models)
Click the Download button to the right to download the PDF version of the Paramount User Guide....
09-02-2016 4,793 0
ScriptTheSkyX Documentation and Examples
Contains the documentation and examples of how to script TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac and...
06-12-2018 3,514 0
TPoint Model Fitting Workflow and Tutorial
TPoint Model Fitting Workflow and Tutorial Revision 1.01. Software Bisque thanks authors Jonathan...
06-16-2009 3,502 2
Software Bisque at NEAF 2015 -- Sky & Telescope
Watch the Dennis Di Cicco interview of Software Bisque President Stephen M. Bisque at NEAF 2015
05-27-2015 3,290 0
Meet Software Bisque
Take a virtual tour of the Software Bisque campus in Golden, Colorado, USA.
02-03-2016 3,241 0
TPoint for Windows Latest Update (Retired & Unsupported...
This comprehensive update installs TPoint for Windows version 1.00.511 from any previous version...
04-30-2009 3,149 0
Autoguider Calibration with TheSkyX Pro Camera Add On
This video demonstrates autoguider calibration using TheSkyX Professional Edition's Camera Add...
01-10-2014 3,087 0
Autoguiding with TheSkyX Pro Camera Add On
This video demonstrates autoguiding (and dithering) using TheSkyX Professional Edition's Camera...
01-13-2014 2,669 0
Paramount GEM Specifications (All Models)
This PDF document contains the technical and performance specifications for Paramount MYT, Paramount...
04-10-2019 2,651 0
OpenAL Installer
OpenAL installer for TheSkyX.
05-20-2015 2,595 0
TheSky6 User Guide (All Editions)
TheSky6 User Guide Revision (PDF format) This documentation is for the following products...
04-30-2009 2,225 0
Asteroid 2005 YU55 Simulation
Created with Software Bisque's Seeker application, this video shows an "asteroid's...
11-08-2011 2,218 0
Paramount GEM MKS 5000 Replacement Instructions
This document describes how to replace the Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount's MKS 5000 control...
10-26-2017 2,146 0
Paramount MX Base Plate to Pier Adaptor Plate
The Paramount MX Base Plate to Pier Adaptor Plate can be used to mount the Paramount MX to an existing...
01-21-2011 1,817 0
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