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Name Date Downloads Comments
MKS Serial Port Utility Application
This zip file contains the mkser.exe version 2.3 that can be used to access and set many low-level...
02-11-2011 1,243 1
Paramount MX/MX+ and ME II/MX/MX+/MYT Permanent Pier Technical...
The Paramount MX/MX+ and Paramount ME II/MX/MX+/MYT Permanent Pier Technical Drawing Important Note...
04-19-2011 1,225 0
Paramount MX SolidWorks eDrawing
Paramount MX Done Virtually The Paramount MX is designed using SolidWorks 3D CAD software. And,...
01-14-2011 1,184 1
TheSkyX First Light Edition User Guide
TheSkyX First Light Edition User Guide Revision 1.0.5 (PDF Format) This document is in Portable...
02-19-2014 1,182 0
TheSky HD Rough Polar Alignment
This video demonstrates how to use TheSky HD to perform a rough polar alignment on the Paramount...
07-06-2015 1,169 0
Paramount ME Homing Sensor Replacement and Troubleshooting
Instructions for troubleshooting, accessing and replacing the Paramount ME homing sensors. Click...
08-10-2009 1,153 2
Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MX+ Pier Technical Drawing
Technical drawing of the Software Bisque Paramount ME, Paramount ME II, Paramount MX and Paramount...
10-17-2014 1,152 0
Falcon Imaging System
This video shows the essential components of the Falcon Imaging System The integrated cabling system...
10-31-2013 1,139 0
Paramount ME MKS 5000 Upgrade Installation Instructions
This document includes instructions for removing the Paramount ME MKS 4000 control system and installing...
04-15-2014 1,137 6
Software Bisque Logo (PSD)
The Software Bisque company logo in Photoshop (PSD) format. Photo size: 5000 x 5000 at 1200 dpi...
09-06-2011 1,127 0
Paramount MX+ Rendering
A photograph of the Paramount MX+ generated by SolidWorks (2560 x 1600, 300 dpi PNG). Note that...
12-06-2016 1,124 0
TheSkyX Wi-Fi® to Serial Mount Control Documentation
TheSkyX Wi-Fi® to Serial Mount Control document revision 1.1 describes how to Wi-Fi® enable...
03-16-2012 1,112 1
Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Specifications
The document contains the specifications for the following Paramount equatorial fork model mounts...
05-21-2019 1,098 0
TheSkyX Professional Edition for Raspberry Pi Quick Start...
This document describes how to "install" TheSkyX Professional Edition on a Raspberry Pi...
09-26-2017 1,086 0
Paramout ME CAD Drawing
CAD drawing of the Paramount ME
06-24-2009 1,080 0
AutoAstrometry and Image Link Technical Details
AutoAstrometry and Image Link Technical Details (PDF Format) This document is in Portable Document...
04-30-2009 1,041 0
Double Double Companion Stars
This Sky Database contains two companion stars to the Double Double in Lyra.
11-30-2010 1,040 0
Software Bisque Logo (TIF)
The Software Bisque company logo (with embossed background) in TIF format (300 dpi). A sample of...
08-19-2011 1,033 0
Astronomical League's Deep Sky Binocular Program SDB
A Sky Database (SDB) of deep sky objects for the Astronomical League Binocular Deep Sky List certificate...
01-10-2013 1,010 0
Pyramid Portable Pier Photos
The Pyramid Portable Piers are shown with the optional 6-inch riser tube. Copyright 2012 Software...
05-25-2012 1,003 0
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