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Paramount ME II/MX/MX+/MYT Worm Block Adjustments
This document describes how to adjust the worm block on Paramount ME II, Paramount MX, Paramount...
03-29-2019 1,596 0
Paramount Software Suite Quick Start Guide
Please read the Paramount Quick Start Guide Revision 2.0 before installing TheSkyX Professional...
07-12-2018 1,837 1
Paramount OTA Ring and Taurus OTA Installation Instructions
This document describes how to attach a variety of telescopes to the Paramount Taurus equatorial...
01-17-2018 301 0
Software Bisque RMA Request Form
Please review this page for the Software Bisque Warranty Policies and Procedures. If you have submitted...
02-26-2018 235 0
TPoint for Windows Full Installer (Retired & Unsupported...
Full Installer for TPoint for Windows version 1.00.512 (Retired & Unsupported). Please read...
04-30-2009 1,259 0
Paramount ME User Guide
Paramount ME User Guide Revision 1.79. Revision Notes 1.79 Revised the Quick Polar Alignment Procedure...
09-14-2012 6,103 19
Paramount ME Spring Plunger Adjustment
Paramount ME Spring Plunger Adjustment Revision 1.01 Revision Notes: 1.2 (February, 2018) Attempted...
02-02-2018 1,271 0
TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer Edition User...
Revision 6.6 This document is the latest revision of TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer...
05-02-2019 27,834 7
Link to the Bisque TCS Control System Identification PDF
The original document is here .
06-05-2017 82 0
Shortcut to the Paramount ME Spring Plunger Adjustment PDF
This download is a shortcut to the Paramount ME Spring Plunger Adjustment document. The original...
05-29-2015 166 0
Paramount ME/MX Counterweight Shaft Drawing
Paramount ME and Paramount MX counterweight shaft technical drawing including dimensions, threads...
12-10-2012 193 0
TheSkyX Student Edition User Guide
TheSkyX Student Edition User Guide Revision 1.0.6 (PDF Format) This document is in Portable Document...
05-17-2013 841 0
Paramount User Guide (GEM Models)
The Paramount German equatorial mount User Guide. Revision 2.7 This document describes how to control...
11-07-2017 11,460 0
Paramount GEM Specifications (All Models)
This PDF document contains the technical and performance specifications for Paramount MYT, Paramount...
05-21-2019 2,812 0
Ascom2XMount Adaptor Installer
Version 6.1 Installs the ASCOM-to-TheSkyX mount adaptor (read as: ASCOM to X mount adaptor ). Please...
12-01-2015 9,336 0
Paramount MX/MX+/ME II Polar Alignment Scope Installation...
Revision 1.6. This document describes how to install and use the Paramount Polar Alignment Scope...
05-03-2016 1,474 0
Paramount ME/ME II Base Plate and Pier Specifications
Paramount ME Base Plate and Pier Specifications document. This document is in Portable Document...
04-30-2009 902 0
Paramount ME Versa-Plate Specifications
This document shows the Paramount ME Versa-Plate specifications.
04-30-2009 708 0
Paramount ME Southern Hemisphere Setup
Setting up the Paramount (ME or GT-1100S) for use in the Southern Hemisphere (PDF Format). This...
04-30-2009 264 0
X2 Standard Documentation
Link to the X2 Standard documentation
05-22-2014 199 0
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