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G2V Stars SDB for TheSkyX

posted by Tom Bisque

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G2V Stars SDB for TheSkyX
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G2V Stars for TheSkyX

This SDB was created by performing a "database query" on the Hipparcos/Tycho data. The filter spectral type contains "G2V". The database Query (actual DBQ) is also included with the ZIP file. For anyone who wants to see how it works.

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To install: 

  1. Download and unzip the files in this archive to the SDBs folder of TheSkyX's Application Support Files
  2. From TheSkyX, click the Database Manager command from the Input menu.
  3. Expand Sky Databases, then My Sky Databases and turn on the appropriate checkbox for this SDB.
  4. Once the downloaded file has been unzipped/extracted to the folder above it will appear in TheSkyX under Input>Database Manager>Sky Databases (SDBs)>My Sky Databases. To enable the SDB place a check here.

NOTE: There are two SDB's in addition to the DBQ  (DataBase Query) . The DBQ can be loaded then run in TheSkyX to create this same list of targets for those interested. There is a non-labeling SDB and then the other of type "labels" which will automatically label the G2V stars on the sky chart. You don't need both of them just use one or the other.

Also note that if you want to Query this SDB of G2V stars this can be done as well. Just choose this SDB when you make a database query. Then only these G2V stars would be found, i.e. show me all the G2V stars visible tonight at 9:00 p.m. within 1 hour of the meridian on the west. As an example.

The DBQ looks like this.

- Selected Object Types -Star
- Selected Star Catalogs - Hipparcos-Tycho Catalog
- Defined Filters - (Spectral contains G2

Use Tools>Manage Observing List then File>Open the G2V Stars DBQ.



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