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Exoplanets Sky Database (SDB)

posted by Tom Bisque

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Exoplanets Sky Database (SDB)

NASA Exoplanet Archive web site 

Updated: July 2, 2019 - Total count 4,009

To install: 

  1. Download and unzip the files in this archive Current to the SDBs folder of TheSkyX's Application Support Files
  2. From TheSkyX, click the Database Manager command from the Input menu.
  3. Expand Sky Databases, then My Sky Databases and turn on the appropriate checkbox for this SDB.
  4. Once the downloaded file has been unzipped/extracted to the folder above it will appear in TheSkyX under Input>Database Manager>Sky Databases (SDBs)>My Sky Databases. To enable the SDB place a check here.

Please note changes: 

  • There are now 2 SDB's, one "Labels" them one"Plots" them.
  • The new planets are now searched using "Edit>Find EXO_PL {target}"
  • The Identifier for the plotting SDB is now "Exo-Planets".
  • The Identifier for the Labeling SDB is "Exo-Planets Labels".
  • The object type was changed to Object Type Earth (blue planet symbol).
  • Several additional fields have been included - the "Kepler Flag", the "Telescope", "Instrument", "magnitude" & "Year discovered".

The newly/most recently added fields are here:

  • Kepler Flag
  • Kepler 2 Flag
  • Year Disc.
  • Telescope Used
  • Instrument Used
  • Optical Magnitude

How these SDB's behave:

  • The Exo-Planets are now plotted using Object Type "Earth" out to 100 degrees.
  • The Exo-Planet Labels will plot at 100 degrees and smaller

The Exo-planets are searched using their given Exoplanet name.

Edit >Find EXO_PL 11 Com B  (that is EXOunderscorePL). See here.

returns the following: 

Newly added fields are shown in BOLD &Italic,

Object Name: EXO_PL xi Aql b
RA (2000.0): 19h 54m 14.9s
Dec (2000.0): +08° 27' 41"
Magnitude: 4.71
Host Name: xi Aql
Planet Letter:  b
Planet Name: xi Aql b                     
Disc. Method: Radial Velocity             
Planet Number:  1 
Orbital Period:   136.75000000     
Kepler Flag:  0 
Kepler2 Flag:   0 
Year disc.: 2007
Telescope used: 1.88 m Telescope                                            
Instrument used: HIDES Echelle Spectrograph         
Hip ID: HIP 97938       

Note the new object type used is Earth! See here for the distribution of these Exo-Planets. FYI!

Enjoy! Happy Hunting.


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