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WiSky Installation and Use Instructions


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WiSky Installation and Use Instructions

Revision 1.4

This document describes how to install the WiSky (and WiSky++*) into the MKS 5000 control system for the following Paramount models:

  • Paramount MYT
  • Paramount MX
  • Paramount MX+
  • Paramount ME II
  • Paramount Taurus 400
  • Paramount Taurus 500
  • Paramount Taurus 600
  • Custom mounts using the Bisque TCS with MKS 5000 control system

It also describes how to configure TheSkyX Professional Edition for wireless Wi-Fi Paramount control.

*WiSky/WiSky++ Comparsion

  • The WiSky++ includes electronics for absolute, on-axis encoders; the original WiSky does not.  On-axis encoders are available on the Paramount ME II and Paramount Taurus mounts, only. 
  • The antenna on the WiSky++ is shorter than that of the original WiSky.
  • The minimum required MKS 5000 firmware version is later for the WiSky++.

Please also refer to the WiSky Installation Instruction Video.



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