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  • Re: Remote Observatory Configuration

    Hi Doug, I am the primary point of contact for Software Bisque Professional Services and for our Systems. We can offer complete observatory systems, (Mount, OTA, Camera, Filter Wheel, Focuser, etc.). And then as part of Professional Services, we offer, installing and calibrating mounts or systems on site, training on site or at our offices, consulting
  • Preparing for Another Occultation

    Well, the time has come for our NASA delegation to head out on another occultation expedition. We are travelling back to the African continent, but not South Africa. This time, we are off to Senegal, located on Africa’s western coast. Even though Senegal is closer to home than South Africa, the trip is going to take longer, mostly because I have
    Posted to Rose's Blog (Weblog) by Rose Smith on 07-24-2018
  • Re: Looking into MyT or MX+

    Well, I work for Software Bisque, so I don’t personally own one, but I use them all the time. I have used everything from tiny refractor systems to an MX+ carrying a C14, to this crazy contraption we used to film the 2017 total solar eclipse.
  • Re: Looking into MyT or MX+

    As far as tripods are concerned, the MX+ / MEII tripod is much more stable and capable of carrying 250 lbs.
  • Re: Meade Lx200 Sidereal Tracking

    Also, so answer and clarify. The LX200 in question is on a wedge, and is operating as a Equatorial Fork Mount, and is trying to be used to take lunar images.
  • Re: Meade Lx200 Sidereal Tracking

    Hi Kevin, I looked into our driver for the LX200. As of right now, to my knowledge, we do not support setting tracking rates other than sidereal on Mead mounts. If you want to set lunar or solar rates on the LX200 you will need to do it from the hand paddle. -R.J.
  • Another Occultation... A Bit Closer to Home

    Well, another expedition, to another place, chasing yet another elusive occultation, is always interesting and fun! I was recently invited to participate in a NSF-funded expedition to observe an occultation of Triton, one of Neptune's thirteen moons. Occultations occur when an object passes in front of an other object, in this case a moon passing
    Posted to Rose's Blog (Weblog) by Rose Smith on 10-31-2017
  • One Amazing Eclipse

    Well as i'm sure everyone already knows, there was a total solar eclipse that passed though the US on August 21st. I was invited to join Jay Pasachoff and the rest of his team from Williams College. We setup at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. I brought with me plenty of equipment, but not nearly as much as the rest of the expedition. I had
    Posted to Rose's Blog (Weblog) by Rose Smith on 08-30-2017
  • A Great Night Under the Stars

    Back in the real world, and at my other job, System Overlord of SBO (Sommers-Bausch Observatory, CU Boulder), we purchased two Paramount Tarus 500 mounts with Planewave 20" CDK Telescopes this winter. Until recently, they had been running with a minimal TPoint model as I only had a few weeks for the whole setup process which included the removal
    Posted to Rose's Blog (Weblog) by Rose Smith on 06-21-2017
  • The Whole Story... Minus the Results

    Well here goes the whole crazy story of this trip. It started out with an awfully long flight to Frankfurt, however since we had a twelve hour layover, I decided to check out the town and do some exploring. After a few hours, I headed back to the hotel we rented day room from the get some rest. Then onto another long flight, this time all the way to
    Posted to Rose's Blog (Weblog) by Rose Smith on 06-11-2017
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