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    Daniel R. Bisque

    Between the Paramount ME II, Paramount MX, Pyramid Portable Pier, accessories, and prototyping of future products, Software Bisque manufactures lots and lots of aluminum and stainless steel parts.  Basic economics tells us the more efficiently we can make these parts, the sooner we can bring products to market, and the sooner our customers can enjoy them.  So, we’re always looking for ways to improve productivity.  

    Three of the Chevalier CNC mills we use have been cranking out precision parts since shortly after we opened up our machining facility back in 2000.  And, as much as we like the folks up at Foothills Machinery Sales (FMS), where we purchase our equipment, their skilled technicians have been spending way too much time here keeping these units running.  

    It was past time for an upgrade, and it just so happened that FMS had three brand new Doosans, sitting on a trailer in New Jersey, waiting to find a new home.

    The crates holding the new machines arrived yesterday afternoon by tractor trailer and spent the night outside in the storage yard out back.

    When I arrived at work this morning, the machine shop was bustling with activity.  The old “Chevys” (pictured below) were quickly picked up and whisked away…

    …the new arrivals uncrated…


    …and are now being installed and commissioned as I write this.

    Don’t you just love forklifts?!

    Each new mill tips the scales at eight tons, represents a twenty year leap in technology, and are better, smarter and faster in every way compared to their predecessors.  We’ll now be able to crank out more parts that are more consistent, more accurate and do so even more efficiently than before.  All with the goal of providing our wonderful customers the best made products in the world.  

    September 5, 2013 Follow Up…

    Setting up, calibrating, testing and programming the four the machines took about a week and half, and they're all up and running full speed!




    I think I have room for one of those in my garage.

    Out of curiosity, once it's on site, how long does it take for one of those to be installed, programmed, tested, and be fully functional for SB's needs?

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