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    OK, lets comprimise!  How about 5% of the purchase price?



    I would also make the difference between bugs and added features or functionalities.

    I've been a happy user of CCDSoft/TheSky6Pro tandem and will most probably upgrade to TheSkyX Pro when it will be available.

    I do agree with the comments above that we as customers cannot expect to get forever free upgrades for pieces of software that last for years and cost more and more to support as their complexity increases. So, a reasonable fee for upgrades and/or added features is ok for me. We can eve imagine as customers to have the choice between :

    1) Yearly subscription with free upgrades

    2) No subscription, and pay-per-download for each upgrade, in which case cumulated upgrade price would be higher than subscription if you take them all, but could be lower if you choose only some of them.

    Bug fixes is another story. I do not pay a software to receive bugs. I do understand it is almost impossible to ship a bug-free software, however carefully it was tested. I do not either adhere to the theory that after one year all bugs will be found, given the almost unlimited number of possible combinations. So when I buy a software, I require free patches to correct any bug in it, should this bug be found after 3 months or 3 years.

    Just my opinion.



    What pay for patch ?

    Noooo !

    Please SB don't do that





    ” TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition”

    it is the version equivalent to the “The Sky6 Professional”?


    Jose Ferrer



    I've given this a lot of thought over the last few weeks. Yeah, nobody likes to pony-up, but in real terms, the yearly cost for Pro would be equal to my usual evening's bar tab. LOL

    If this is a way to ensure the development and support keep comin', well, I guess I am onboard with it, no matter how cheap I am.

    Uncle Rod


    Daniel R. Bisque

    TheSkyX Professional Edition has not been released.  TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition is equivalent to TheSky6 Serious Astronomer Edition.

    See my Post AIC blog:…/post-aic.aspx

    for more information on TheSkyX Pro.


    Most software people I know give updates for minor ver changes ie:6.1-6.?, but when 7.0 comes out it costs a little to update to the latest Ver. This is what Micorosft does as long as you have a legal copy of the software.

    When you release X are you going to give us who have pro a discount to get x or are you going to sell it as a new product at full price? I think this is a key as to if you get free fixes or not for the new software ver.  If there is a conciderable discount then an anual fee after the first year may be ok, but if I have to pay the entire cost as I did for Sky6 pro all over again the I have to do a lot of thinking if the changes are worht the cost.  There is a free software from france that looks and runs just like sky 6 pro and it is free.  To add extra functions there are plenty around that people have written and give away or sell as share ware for say $35.00 with bug fixes until they bring ut a new major upgrade.

    Dr. Dana-Renee Lee PhD



    I am going to miss The Sky.

    I will not purchase any product that requires a payment for any bug fixes. No matter how long between point zero releases. 6.0 to 7.0

    Payments for new features should be on a point zero release basis. 6.0 to 7.0.

    30 days of free tech support, then fee based per incident.



    No other astronomy software requires me to pay for updates. Bye Sky. Hello Starry Night or Voyager or Redshift 7.



    Well then fix the intel graphics driver problem. there are free programs out there that work better than this!



    It's been mentioned, but most commercial software packages be they OS or application, or database or what have you charge on major version upgrades. This means version 10 to 11, or in this case 6 to 7. I get that. It makes sense. You pay for the R&D that went into that version upgrade. I expect to pay for it in fact. However, from 7.0 to 7.1 is not where I expect to pay to upgrade. A version increase of this nature typically contains bug fixes. If a minor feature is added, great.

    If it is felt that the number of features added warrants a majorish version increase say 7.1 to 7.5 or 8 then make it a known major increase that people can choose to pay for or not. The reality is, you are releasing TheSkyX for 3 major platforms. Are you seriously thinking that you (or your users) won't still be finding bugs a year from now? What happens to the folks that start taking advantage of features within theSky that they hadn't previously done down the road and find that there's some bug that completely prevents them from using that feature? Should they have to pay another $50 to be able to use a feature that they were already promised was included in their original purchase?

    I do like the access to full downloads thought. I rarely need media for the software I install both personally and professionally and the latter is typically multiple gigabytes in size. One thing that would make this subscription worth it to me, would be if I had access to all 3 platform versions. I image from a Windows based PC, but do all my processing from a Mac. I'd like very much to do some planning and simulation on my Mac but continue to image from a Windows based PC. If a license for TheSkyX Pro allows me to run it on all 3 platforms (not concurrently say) I'll certainly be buying it and would feel okay with paying for another year's worth of access if I say added a new Mac/Linux laptop to my already excessive hardware collection.

    As a comparison I just bought PixInsight which allows me to run it on as many machines as I own, on whatever supported platform I choose. As mentioned I run a Mac (well and several Windows based machines at home), and Linux at the office. That I can use their software on each is invaluable.

    They've stated that upgrades for version 1.x are free. When they move to 2.x I'll expect to pay for it and will happily do so. I'll do the same with TheSky Pro X too provided it isn't just bug fixes for the previous version number that I'm paying for and is a major feature upgrade. If it's just a few new features that aren't really worth upgrading to me personally, I'll be holding off on doing so until there are.





    >>Well then fix the intel graphics driver problem. there are free programs out there that work better than this!

    The problem is most likely intel's terrible, terrible openGL driver. Intel's D3D drivers are tolerable – at least for graphics hardware that is as weak as theirs is. (It really is bad at this point!)

    But their openGL drivers are all but unusable. I know of one major software vendor who wrote their code for openGL for the Mac and linux, but ported to D3D on Windows simply because intel's openGL driver was so buggy. (This particular company had, you could say, more resources than Software Bisque.)

    If you can obtain a better graphics solution (nvidia or ATI), you are going to be better off overall.


    Daniel R. Bisque

    emptyhull wrote:

    >>Well then fix the intel graphics driver problem.

    Done. The next TheSkyX update resolves the Intel/OpenGL issues.  

    See this article for details:…/29340.aspx



    It is unclear to me whether a yearly subscription includes an update to the next version when it eventuates. For example, from the SkyX Pro edition, to the equivalent in the next version. I can understand the need to have income smoothed out, and I think that users would more easily accept a subscription basis if it always kept them in up-to-date Software Bisque software.


    Daniel R. Bisque

    The subscription benefits do not include free upgrades to future major versions.

    See the “Terms and Conditions” link for each software product on the Software Bisque Store for subscriptions details.

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