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    Most software suppliers that operate a Software Subscription model DO include upgrades to all new releases.

    For example, IBM software is sold and all fixes for that release are included until the release goes end of life + 1or 2 years.

    If the customer purchases a software subscription then they receive all fixes and upgrades while they renew their subscription. If they do not renew then they receive only bug fixes.

    In effect, bug fixes are free, software can be purchased and remains static at that version (no subscription) or all releases are suppled automatically (subscription).

    I urge you to consider this model. You will have much less customer disaffection. Charging for bugfixes causes a lot of unneeded irritation.


    David Gwyn

    Well, it seems like there are a few unhappy campers out there, SB.  I work in IT and do all the technology purchasing for a community college in Iowa.  Many software packages and some appliance-based applications now have an annual maintenance fee associated in the cost of ownership.  Generally, this fee is approximately 10% of the cost of the product.

    Paying an annual fee for a subscription to updates which include free upgrades to the next version is tolerable.  But I doubt that many of your customers will pay the annual fee for updates only.  That is asking a bit much.

    To many (most), your products are a vital part of a hobby and a very expensive one at that.  If SB needs additional revenue to keep the updates coming, I guess that is understandable….  These are tough times for all.  But for crying out loud, throw us a bone and include free upgrades to your subscribers.  That is a fair comprimise that is working for a heck of a lot of software providers.  


    Steve Timmons

    Estherville, IA



    “The subscription benefits do not include free upgrades to future major versions.”

    Wait.  You mean that after buying the product once, and, after 5 years at 20% per year for a subscription to get upgrades, thus buying the product *twice*, that THEN all you have to do is announce a “new major version” and I have to buy the product *again* to get upgrades?

    It's bad enough that you're going to charge me to fix bugs of your own creation, but then to find out that paying 20% per year for upgrades only gets you *some* of the upgrades, not the ones that are going into the “new major version” …

    You folks are beginning to make me regret every penny I've ever given you, including my Paramount ME …

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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