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    Daniel R. Bisque

    A little more than two weeks after AIC, the question “When will TheSkyX Professional Edition be released?” still rings in my ears. It's nice to know there's so much anticipation for this new version.

    The goal is to release TheSkyX Pro for Mac/Windows/Linux in July 2009 September, 2009 (estimate revised on April 20, 2009)  November, 2009 (estimate revised on July 22, 2009).

    In the short term, SB will release TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition (SAE) for Mac at MacWorld 2009.  TheSkyX SAE for Windows will follow shortly afterward. For the Windows OS, TheSkyX SAE will be a replacement for TheSky6 SAE , and will include telescope control for many commercial mounts and push to control systems (including AP/Celestron/Gemini/iOptron/Meade/Temma/Vixen/Push To telescopes) as well as an optional “Add On” for TPoint telescope pointing analysis.  TPoint version 1.0 for Windows customers will be offered an upgrade path to this add on. (TPoint for Windows will not be compatible with TheSkyX). 

    In addition to all the new features, Mac users will enjoy telescope control and optional TPoint modeling with TheSkyX SAE.

    What is TheSkyX Professional Edition? TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows will be able to completely replace TheSky6 Professional Edition for Windows.  CCDSoft, and your favorite Windows-based third-party software (CCDAP, CCDCommander, etc.) will still be supported. 

    The first release of TheSkyX Professional Edition will bring technologies like Image Link, automated astrometry, Paramount ME control, optional Orchestrate-like scripting, optional TPoint telescope pointing analysis, optional dome control and more to the Mac and Linux operating systems.

    For now, back to wrapping up TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition!




    I apologize as to what seems to have been a falre up of activity on the bisque user’s group. I was honestly just trying to get more info. I missed the little ‘X” show and tell you guys did. I did play with it a lot on the dipslay though at AIC and I think it is pretty good. So when should I get Linux up and running? My past expierence with it tells me I’ll need a few weeks to get all the kinks out.


    Matthew Ota

    I hope that TheSkyX will maintain the “under the hood” user friendliness of previous versions.’

    Too much software is now dumbed down and too automated for users who are too lazy to learn the software.



    So we want user friendliness or not?

    How about this, too many people make generalized comments that are unsupported and vague?

    “Too much software is now dumbed down and too automated for users who are too lazy to learn the software.”



    Any chance that Software Bsque will attend MWAIC in Chicago this June?  It would be an excellent opportunity to announce/release TheSkyX Pro!!!!

    I spoke with you and played with your demo at AIC in San Jose.  I hope to see a more refined program at MWAIC.  


    Daniel R. Bisque

    We'll have to wait and see about attending the 2009 MWAIC.  I don't think TheSkyX Pro will be quite done by then; we're working on it!



    Is the Linux version of the SAE still on course for a July 2009 release?  The screenshot on one of your other blog posts looks quite promising!  

    I am in the process of finalizing the choice of control system for our new 20'' telescope and a Linux solution would make a big plus point for Software Bisque's TCS…


    Daniel R. Bisque

    Thanks for your comments.

    TheSkyX Pro for Mac/Windows is targeted for July 2009.

    The Linux version will be released after that, but no firm release date right now.  



    Awww, heck I'm still learning all the nuances of using Sky 6 Pro!



    Any chance that TheSkyX Pro will be available for attendees of AIC 2009?  I would like to pickup my upgrade then, or better yet – win it as a door prize!



    David Gwyn

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