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32 years old
Ontario, Canada
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 How To Open An Online Betting Account

Have you ever made a bet online before? No? Well it’s actually very easy and straightforward, and in today’s security conscious world, quite safe, so long as you select a reputable online bookie.

Whether its casino, sports betting or simply online games, finding a reputable online betting establishment is not too hard. UK Betting Central has links to wide range of reliable online betting establishments so you could start by checking out some of them.

Why use an online betting account?


The online world is awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – your bookie isn’t

Bet in the privacy and comfort of your own home

Speed – your bet could be on in with the press of a few keys.


With a wide range of bookmakers – you get more choice and better odds

Wide range of Secure Payment Methods

Last minute bets – particularly in running style bets

How do I open an online betting account?

First, select the betting establishment you want to open an account with (you can open an account with as many establishments as you like). Once you have selected an establishment, carefully read the terms and conditions, particularly how they relate to win real money games depositing and withdrawing funds.

You should also check whether or not there are any fees attached to deposits or withdrawals of funds. If there is a matching bet or matching deposit offer, read those conditions very carefully. They will normally have minimum bet requirements (which I will discuss in the next post). These minimums often relate to both the amount deposited and the free amount.

Once you are happy with what you have read, it is a simple matter of filling in the online registration form. Some online betting establishments require a valid email address where they can send a confirmation email. Once you respond to this email and deposit funds, you are set to play

Good luck and have fun.


  • 02-11-2019
  • roulette

    In roulette, you place your bet by putting your chips down on either red or black or selecting a number that you think the ball will fall on when the wheel stops spinning. You place your bet before the croupier, or banker, spins the wheel. The croupier first spins the wheel then he rolls the ball in the opposite direction on the spinning wheel. The players watch until the ball drops on a colored number and the banker handles all the collections and payouts based on the outcome.

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