Software Subscription

When you purchase a Software Bisque software product, the price of the product is presented as two separate components:

  1. A one year software subscription.
  2. A one-time subscription sign up fee.

The total initial cost of the product is the sum of these two components.

The subscription component provides the benefits described below.

Software Subscription Benefits

The software subscription provides the following benefits:

  • Download access the product’s full installer.
  • Download access to the latest product updates. Product updates include new features, product improvements, support for new devices (including telescopes, cameras, focusers, filter wheels and other equipment, where applicable), bug fixes and other changes that are not included in the original software.
  • Download access the latest daily builds.

The software subscription must be renewed annually to maintain these benefits.

Renewing the software subscription is optional. When the software subscription expires, or you elect to cancel it, the software continues to operate normally.  You may re-subscribe to the subscription later if you want (as described below).

After the first year, in order to continue receiving the software subscription benefits, you can optionally reactivate the subscription from your Software Bisque web account. 

Important Software Subscription Notes

  • If you elect not to reactivate your subscription, the software and related software modules you have licensed continue to operate normally.  
  • The optional software modules do not require a separate subscription. For example, TheSky Professional Edition’s subscription renewal also applies to all software modules you have purchased, including the Cameras+ module, Domes module, TPoint module and other modules offered by Software Bisque.
  • Your subscription is not renewed automatically and must be renewed manually from the My account > Subscriptions page. You will be notified by email when your product subscription is about to expire.  See Reactivate Your Subscription below for details how.
  • There are no shipping costs associated with subscription reactivation.
  • If the subscription is allowed to expire, you will no longer have downloadable access to the product’s installers and updaters! For obvious cost reasons, Software Bisque is unable to provide indefinite, download access to historic installers and updaters. If you plan on not maintaining your subscription, it is your responsibility to save a backup copy of any installers and updaters you download in case you want to re-install them later, for example, on a new computer.

How do I renew my annual software subscription?

The steps below describe how to renew your annual software subscription.

  1. Click My account and click Log In if necessary.
  2. Click My account > My Subscriptions to view your subscriptions.
  3. Click on View graphic next to the subscription you wish to reactivate.
  4. If the subscription has not expired, click the Reactivate graphic. If the subscription has expired, click the Resubscribe graphic.
  5. Complete the checkout process.

After Renewing Your Subscription

After renewing your product’s subscription, you will receive a confirmation email, and the subscription is active for another year. Thank you for renewing!

Click My account > My Downloads to access the latest software installers and updates. Remember, nothing physical, such as software media, or a box or printed user guide is shipped to you.

Cancelling your Subscription

  1. Click My account and log in if necessary.
  2. Click My account > My Subscriptions to view your subscriptions.
  3. Click on the link to the subscription you wish to resubscribe.
  4. Click the Cancel graphic.

Your account will no longer have access to software downloads or installers.

Multi-OS Plus Annual Software Subscription

When you purchase either TheSky Pro or TheSky Imaging edition, and purchase the Multi-OS Plus module, the Multi-OS Plus module’s annual subscription provides downloadable access to the latest TheSky installers and updates, for all supported operating systems, for one year.

In order to maintain access to the latest installers and updates across all operating systems, you must keep renew both the Multi-OS Plus annual subscription and TheSky Professional Edition or TheSky Imaging Edition subscription annually.

  • In addition maintaining an active Multi-OS Plus module subscription, you must also maintain an active subscription to TheSky Professional Edition (one operating system only) or TheSky Imaging Edition to access to the latest installers and update. For example, if you purchase TheSky Professional Edition for Windows, and also purchase the Multi-OS Plus module, you must renew the annual subscription for both TheSky Pro and the Multi-OS Plus module.
  • The license for the Multi-OS Plus module is for private, personal, single-user, non-commercial, non-military and non-educational use only.  Site licenses for educational institutions, research organizations, defense contractors and other non-private applications are issued separately. Email and let us know how you wish to use Software Bisque software so that we can provide you with the appropriate license for your situation.
  • The Multi-OS+ module is included with the Paramount Software Suites and Universal Subscription products.